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NEW RELEASE!! IRIS CAMAA & HUBERT TUBBS "What I Believe" produced and composed by Ivan Ruiz Machado

Today is the day, yeah. We hope you will enjoy our new release "What I Believe" available on Spotify, Itunes, Deezer.... Hubert Tubbs, Ivan Ruiz Machado and me worked on that song long time ago - we never published it until now - we think it is a good moment to bring some love and light into the hearts of people. Do not forget: love is in us and all around us, it is the highest and most positive power, your heart shows you the way - lets be gentle, kind, sweet and cosy.... Kiss your sweetheart if you are lucky to be with someone you love.

If you like the song kindly share it, download it, follow us on Spotify and add us to your playlist.


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