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17 EUR

Irisistible is the latest album from Iris Camaa, 11 tracks on it, out for digital download June 2nd, 2017

Recorded in NYC, Madrid and Vienna, all composings, production and arrangements by Iris Camaa, 2017


15 EUR

COISAS BOAS recorded and produced 2015

in co-operation with

Ariel Ramirez @ Camaa Music Recording Lounge

label: camaa music, album


SNAPSHOT recorded and produced 2010

in co-operation with

Shayan Fathi @ Shadoo Studios

and Iris Camaa - camaa music recording lounge

label: camaa music, EP - limited edition


INTIMATE EXCHANGE, recorded 2008 in Cuba 2008

@ Nelson Studios Havanna, Papovox Studio & Shadoo Studios Vienna

masterd by Gosh Audio in co-operation with Ivan Ruiz Machado

label: camaa music, album


SOUL´s EMBRACE, produced @ Papovox Studio with

Ivan Ruiz Machado and Laurinho Bandeira

mixed and mastered by Quinton Records

Label: Spice Records, Germany, single - limited edition only



by Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream) and Thorsten 


label: Eastgate, Germany, album


CHAMELEON, produced im 2003 @ Papovox Studio with

Ivan Ruiz Machado, mixed and mastered by

Michael Dörfler and Sasha Weisz aka Megablast

Label: Spice Records, Germany, album

also available as special edition with a different cover!


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Iris Camaa songs


What I love about Iris' new cd, Irisistible , is not just her musicality and beautiful harmonies and melodies, but it's honesty, it's sophistication. She shares a story of femininity and womanly emotions - that many women share from experiences and men can learn from if they listen. She's raw, hurt, hopeful and honors her expressions in all their raw femininity, sexuality, strength and hopefulness! She has the genius of breathing life into her lyrics with her incredible musicianship and musicality. Listening to 'Irisisible' - I find myself - dancing, then crying - then wondering about my past loves and if they ever knew there was an effect on me and on my heart!. She stands strong in her independance in, ' I Don't Give a' then she comes back with me thinking , "yeah! that's right', with her song 'No Need for Words' - those lyrics, - "need no words , let your intuition do the talking and love me over and over ..." to her soulful lamenting captured in , "Keep Silent" - her music rings true - it is current, new, with that specialness that is Iris Camaa, who by staying true to herself , her emotions and her vision - she's shared her gift with us. and leaves me dancing to her song - "Party All Night Long" - she's not afraid to lighten up and have fun!!


by Elizabeth Tubbs - Behind the groove


“The introduction to this song reminds me of a classical era in Music where you had singers like Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis Junior and other members of the rat pack. I am very interested to see what this song has to offer as it gives them very lounge E type of feel to it. This is a very nicely composed ballad, and I definitely think that the artist should continue to make more songs with this type of rhythm and tempo. These types of songs are very easy to listen to especially when you're just trying to relax. I definitely feel as though the artist will have continued success in the industry as they continue their career forward. This song is very messed up with together, and I really think that The artist has something here with this song. I truly like the vocals of the song as they're not too harsh, but very nice and easy. I truly believe that this song will be strongly received by the genre and by the listeners of the song. I really hope that the artist continues to make more music as I'm sure that she will have a very big fan base.” 

“I really like the jazzy feel of this song, especially with the snapping in the beginning. The relationship of the piano and the drums fits perfectly with the jazzy style. The singer has mastered the jazz style in her voice as well, especially when she runs into the higher notes and has the almost seductive quality of voice you often find in that genre. The background singers fit perfectly into the track as well. This song is very reminiscent of other jazzy, easy listening singers like Norah Jones and the likes. I think this song is a perfect modern jazzy number and could be very popular in many genres, as well as being featured in movies or television shows.” 

“nice jazzy number, the intro is nice and fits well in the song. Lyrics are pretty good, and have some meaning. Not sure I would have the backup singers throughout the song, less is more with them. Wouldn't change the instrumental much just put a sax in there more, ad the piano is nice. the vocal is not bad.” 

“Music like this makes me want to drink martinis and groove to the bassline. The vocals are good and the singer sounds very sexy. It's a little jazzy for my taste, but I like the backing vocals, the snap of the drum set, the keyboard. It all sounds well written and well performed. All in all, it isn't exactly what I go for but I can dig on this.” 


“No messing around for this tune, the vocals come in under ten seconds. Speaking of which, the female vocals are warm and rich sounding. I think I could listen to her sing all day and all night long. The backup vocals are right there giving them the sound they need. The acoustic guitar is putting the personality in the song that it needs. I like the sound of this one.” 

“I really enjoyed the voice coming from the lead singer. Your voice is nice and sweet sounding. The background singers add a good chemistry with the lead singer. It sounds like music that would be played in a church. The instruments used to blend with the song and singer go great. Its a islander kind of sound then a jazzy feel, it keeps you thinking of what other mixtures of genres might be in the world.


I really enjoyed listening to something new today. The vocals are great and readable, easy to listen to. I really hope that you become a famous singer in the future with your singing. Whatever upcoming singing and music that comes up for you, I hope all goes well. I really look forward to hearing your song on the radio one day. The electric guitar near the end of the song is pretty great and I didn't really expect it. Thank you for this wonderful song. And I again wish you luck in the future.” 

“i like the rain sounds at the beginning of the song. everyone onows that rainsounds are very comforting. i like how in the lyrics she says come on over and be her friend. its very inviting and makes me feel like she may be lonely. the vocalist has avery pretty voice. the instrumentals add such a sweet addition to her voice. the background vocals remind me of classical r n b music. its very nice to listen to. the lyrics are so very sweet and i like how she expresses friendship. the beats and the instrumentals are matching very well with the vocalist. its impecable . very perfect and on beat. she has a lot of soul to her voice.” 

“Guitars pleasant sound, then a beautiful voice starts up. Sounds like a lady is asking for companionship. Obviously a song where a woman confesses her appreciation for special other person. Very nice musically composed , has a bit of a jazz sound to it. The acoustics bring a touch of class.” 


“Lovely voice! Nice soothing sound quality and rhythm. A lot of effort seems to have been put into this track and it shows. I really like the tone of the vocals, really good. Great possibility here. Lyrics are nice to listen to. The singer has put out the passion in the song and the listener can feel that, which is sometimes hard to achieve. But well done here.” 

“Definitely one of the better tracks I've heard on here! Smooth groovy feel. Reminds me of quality Erykah Badu / Hidden Beach material. Good melody, top notch production quality, and the singer's voice was great. I will say the song didn't necessarily "move" me, but maybe I just not in the love song mood right now. Awesome track overall. Hit potential if performed and serviced right.” 

This song made me think of the past.the vocalist were on point with the instrumentals. not memorable but still a soothing tone. this is a song that a lot of women and men ages 36-40 and above would listen to. overall this is a pretty neat song for older generation listeners.” 

“This track had a really mellow vibe to it. The choice of electric piano in combination with bass worked well together. It has a nice intimate feel. The lead singer has a lot of soul in her voice. I really enjoyed her a lot as well as the backing vocals.” 


“Smooth jazz sounds just kicked in my air. Then I heard another language kick in although it sounds pretty groovy. The melody I can vibe with and it stays consistent. The background music is very smooth and keeps with the melody. This songs vocalist has a nice voice that compliments the smooth background musicians.” 

“This singer has a beautiful voice. The music that accompanies it adds great quality to this piece. Though I don't know the language spoken, this song sounds like it has a nice variation of lyrics. The background singers harmonize well. This song exudes the sound of professionalism. It is structured well and it is full of melody. Enjoyed it.” 

“Professional sounding song. Great use of instruments. The guitar sounds fantastic. I like the shuffle style beat also. As for vocals, i think they are great, very nice sounding tone of voice and not pitchy, very smooth. I like the guitar solo in the song also. As for lyrics, i can't understand them with them being in a different language but they sound great anyway!” 

“The start of this song was really relaxing. Nice, smooth sound to it. A song you could listen to on a beach. The singer has a lot of talent in her voice. The guitar solo was beautiful and breath taking. A song to wind the day down to. Overall great song.” 

“The tune was very easy to listen to, really chilled out vibe. The jazzy guitar intro enticed the listener and the rich sultry vocals were lovely. Even though I didn't understand the lyrics I could hear the emotion in the vocalist's performance. I would listen to this track again and I think it has commercial potential.” 


“I like the way this song begins. The singer has a nice voice that is very enchanting. This is a jazz tune that has a cabaret flow. The singer voice is amazing. She sounds exceptionally well. This is a very classy tune that feels good to the soul. The way the music unfolds is just incredible. The band is fantastic. It sounds like a professional tune that will do very well.” 

“The lively acoustic guitar melody set up a wondrous tone for the artist's voice. The artist have a well rounded vocal range from low to high pitch that is charming to listen to. The soft tone that she have is attractive and give off this classical jazzy vibe to it it, which is exquisite. The lyrics needs to be louder, as it it a bit unclear through out the song.” 

“The song has a good sound has a pretty catchy tune. I like the female's vocals, she is enjoyable to listen to, the voice is in tune and on time. I'm trying to understand the "story" of the song and am just missing it. I don't know what the song is about and don't recall hearing the chorus. I mention those because it would help me relate to the song, remember it and anticipate hearing it again. Nonetheless, the song seems to be recorded professionally and has a good sound, it's just not all that memorable for me” 

“This song sounds like a theme song from a movie or children's song. It sounds like a carefree happy jolly song. It sounds cute. I think that this would be better played on tv or a commercial versus the radio. I can hear the guitar playing but that is the only instrument that I can notice in the song.” 

“This song has a beautiful jazzy chord progression. The song is very relaxing and laid back. The vocals are perfectly on pitch and is not lacking in any way. The bands performance is amazing. The minor chord in the verse really makes the song have a strong emotion. The guitar solo is tasteful and emotional. Overall a really good song in every way. The mix is great, the vocals are perfect, everything about the song fits the jazz sound. I rate this song a 9 out of 10, sadly it does not have a modern radio sound. But could be great in a movie.” 

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