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MUSIC VIDEO & RADIO EDIT of "NO NEED FOR WORDS" release date 28.8.2020

You can PRE-SAVE the title already now and on 28th then of course add it to your playlist or mark it with 💚 Share the info with as many people as possible ;-)))

TO PRE-SAVE simply click on that LINK

We are very happy to announce that Iris Camaa´s song "NO NEED FOR WORDS" will be finally available as a radio edition plus a brand new music video. Release date will be August 28 on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube - stay tuned at all common social media channels as well. Let us know what you think. We hope that with this song we will spread even more summer mood. One thing is certain, the video is incredibly funny.

about "no need for words"

No need for words is a thoroughly positive and uplifting song by Iris Camaa, which should remind us that sometimes it doesn't take words to describe feelings nor to explain to life how it works. What should be will be and it is as it is - we often have no influence on the course of things. We go through highs and lows but it is up to us in which way we think about life and what happens and how we deal with it. Desires can be fulfilled if we only believe in the fullness of life as life is now and we are in the middle of it - it is only up to us to live every moment as conscious to feel alive.

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